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Why are IPS monitors so expensive

Why are IPS monitors so expensive?

IPS monitors are one of the most popular and sought-after types of monitors on the market. They are also one of the most expensive, though why this is so has been a matter of debate among consumers. The following article will discuss why IPS monitors have such a high price point and whether they are worth it or not.

IPS monitors are more expensive than your average monitor for a reason. They are the best and most accurate type of monitors you can buy, so why is this? It’s all about what they have to offer.

Here’s why IPS monitors are so much better than others:

– being able to see everything from every angle without any distortion
– having an infinite contrast ratio with deep blacks and bright whites
– having a higher refresh rate that leads to less eye fatigue

IPS Monitor Best Uses:

  • Color-critical professional applications
  • Higher-level business/home use
  • Gamers who value image quality over response time
  • Technology enthusiasts

IPS Monitor Drawbacks:

  • Below average static contrast ratio
  • The potential white glow from off-angles when viewing dark content.
  • More motion blur than a TN monitor

IPS displays technology that shows the color very brightly. They also work well with HDR, which is high-definition that makes it look more real. Some people like 144hz monitors because they can see the screen better and they can play video games at a faster rate. Combine IPS with 144hz and you have a high-quality monitor that will make a great combo feature for the monitor.


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