Are 144Hz Monitor Really Needed?

You often hear the gaming monitor with a high refresh rate over 60Hz, such as 75Hz, 120Hz, or more. But actually, it gives you real benefits or is a form of marketing. Is a 144Hz monitor really needed?

Are 144Hz Monitor Really Needed

Refresh rate

A number that is almost always noticed when it comes to high-end screens, more specifically the gaming monitor. A high refresh rate means that the monitor is capable of displaying more frames. 60Hz monitor capable of displaying 60 frames per second. This is similar for monitors with higher refresh rates such as 144Hz monitor or 240Hz monitor.

A high refresh rate helps you

Basically, a high refresh rate will give you smoother images. For a 60Hz monitor, when running full 60FPS, the image is smooth. As for the 144Hz monitor or 240Hz monitor is even smoother. For example, in a shooter, the enemy is coming out of the edge of the wall. If you use a 60Hz monitor, you will often see the enemy appear behind the wall at a distance from the edge of the wall. But if you use a 144Hz monitor or 240Hz monitor, you will see the enemy really moving from behind the wall, not suddenly appearing out suddenly.

But the visibility of the monitor is one thing. And your hardware system must be powerful enough to output a frame rate corresponding to the refresh rate of that monitor to work. With a 60Hz monitor, it is quite easy. But starting at 144Hz monitor is a bit harder because the two main factors are the CPU and the graphics card. These two components are powerful enough to produce an average FPS of around 144Hz. Or at least approximately 144 FPS, you get the high refresh rate of the monitor. If your hardware does not ship up to 100FPS, then you buy a 144Hz monitor that flies through the window. This is like buying a large bike to run on a rugged village road.

There are both advantages and disadvantages

A 60Hz monitor has a lot of options. And most of them now use IPS panel because of the beautiful color and wide viewing angle. However, when it reaches 144Hz monitor, most will go down to the TN panel. The TN panel has a very high refresh rate and a reasonable price. When changing from 60Hz IPS to 144Hz, you have to bear some good points. The TN panel will have a very narrow viewing angle but the color changes as you change the viewing angle. In addition, the color of the TN panel is not very fresh and true, sometimes light pink.

But not all 144Hz monitors use the TN panel. And the IPS panel is up to date and has the highest refresh rate (up to now) at 165Hz. But its price is almost double that of the 144Hz monitor using the TN panel. Their price is not cheap when you want to refresh rate and beautiful colors and wide viewing angle.

Do you really need high refresh rates?

The high refresh rate is intended for those who play online titles and are highly competitive. In the professional arena, only a few milliseconds will be enough to make a victory. The offline games actually do not compete with anyone. Buying a 144Hz monitor is a bit of a waste of money.

It also depends on the pace of the game you play. For example, you play games with medium or slow tempo. GTA or The Witcher 3, for instance, has a high refresh rate, which is a bit ridiculous. It’s possible that as many FPS as possible. However, sometimes you will feel lost and beautiful. Just like movies, have you ever seen a 60FPS movie? Of course, you only need about 24FPS to 30FPS. In addition it produces effects and “cinematic” feeling. Of course, with such FPS, it is not applicable in game because 30FPS is just temporary. So just 60FPS (60Hz) you can experience the game well.


In addition, there are other options when choosing to buy gaming monitor instead of having to pursue high refresh rates. For example, you play the game offline monster, beautiful graphics or online games. But instead of choosing a 144Hz monitor or higher, you can choose a larger screen – higher resolution – or even a curved monitor to enjoy the graphics.

If you really want to play highly competitive games, choosing a high refresh rate is perfectly appropriate. But even if you have a 240Hz display and slow reflexes, it does not work.

So that high refresh rate screen is not a waste of money. It really meets the high demands of users. But not everyone’s looks are the same. You need to reconsider your needs. Do you really need it? Or the game you play needs to be smoother and most importantly, you have fast reflexes to respond in a few milliseconds. And take advantage of the high refresh rate that the monitor gives you.

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